Why Choose Greg?
Backed by a 100+ year old Real Estate Company

Greg Cichosz Real Estate Agent in Hamilton, Burlington, Brantford, Toronto, Niagara, London, Oakville Ontario

Up-to-date Training

Greg has been trained with all the latest laws, bylaws, and Real Estate Technology to help serve you to the best of his ability. He is always looking to expand his knowledge and gain any information that could help his clients more.

Ultimate Service® Guarantee

The Ultimate Service® Guarantee insures you are receiving the best possible service from Greg, or plain and simple, you will be released from your contract with no hassles. Click Here to Read More.

Experienced in Advertising/Promotion

Greg loves where he came from before Real Estate, as he knows his knowledge and abilities will help out ALL his clients in one way or another. For Home Buyers, he will use his extensive knowledge of the technology and software programs to help search and find the RIGHT house for you. For Home Sellers, he will use all the aspects of Advertising and Promotion to market your house to the right people and get your house sold effectively.

Quick Response

Greg prides himself on being a quick responder with all the technology at his disposal. Whether you choose to call, email or even text, you can be sure he will get back to you very quickly. Click Here to Email Him Now.

Team Support

Coldwell Banker Pinnacle Real Estate employees treat each other like family, eager to lend a helping hand in order to get the right information to their clients.


Most Realtors® put you into a unbreakable contract. Greg does things a little bit different. There are two contracts, one is the regular Real Estate Representation Agreement, and the other is a Service Guarantee Agreement. The Service Guarantee Agreement, is an agreement that you and Greg will write together so that your needs are met. If he doesn't meet your needs, you will be released from your contract. It is AS SIMPLE AS THAT.